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While requesting PA for school based therapy services, kindly request units and duration of services after taking into consideration school closure during the summer months.


9/27/13 PA START DATES PER DMA DUE PROCESS (clarification)

*Approvals for “Initial Requests” are effective beginning the date processed.

*Approvals for “Reauthorization Requests” submitted at least 10 days prior to the end date of the existing authorization are effective beginning the first day after the existing authorization.

*Approvals for “Reauthorization Requests” not submitted at least 10 days prior to the end date of the existing authorization are also effective beginning the date processed.

CURRENT EXCEPTION to due process: the submit date is allowed as the PA start date for a provider's first request for a recipient.

To avoid processing delays, do not request overlapping dates. "View current authorization dates" via link on page 1 of the request form.



A single authorization will cover services at multiple locations billing under the same NPI.


CCME and the Division of Medical Assistance (DMA) have developed a secure electronic submission process, which is the required format for submitting PA requests. The web based tool additionally allows providers to:

  • Receive e-mail notification of review outcomes
  • Electronically respond to missing information requests
  • View current goals and goal status at reauthorization
  • Track review status and print approval letters
  • Access a Discussion Board to communicate with peers and CCME review staff
  • View instructional and training materials

Provider Registration

All providers must register for access to the electronic submission tool. For security reasons, providers previously registered with CCME must re-register. Initially, due to the expected high volume of registrants and the security measure of sending PIN/password information via snail mail, you should allow up to 10 business days to receive this information.

3 Easy Steps to register your provider number:
  1. Each facility’s designated Provider Administrator (max of 2 per provider#) completes the Provider Registration Form and sends to CCME via FAX or snail mail.
  2. CCME will validate the submitted provider information and issue a provider PIN#, user ID and user password. Log on information will be returned to the Provider Administrator(s) via regular mail to maintain security.
  3. Upon receiving this information, the Provider Administrator(s) can now register users for your facility. All registered users then have access to submit authorizations, view training materials and participate in the Discussion Board.
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